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This month sees another landmark in The PGA’s history as it unveils its new logo for Members. Here we highlight some of the key guidelines.

THE CHOICE is yours. Members will now be able to choose between using the existing Members’ Crest or a new logo incorporating the most powerful three letters in the game, PGA.

As with the Crest, there are guidelines for the new logo that all Members will need to follow and these have been reproduced in a booklet (right) and in download documents added to the Members’ area of the website

Tristan Crew, Executive Director – Membership Services, said: “The PGA brand is one of the most powerful in golf, recognised by golfers worldwide
as a symbol of authority and quality. “It is only fitting it can be now be used and worn by all qualified Members of the Association.”

Use of the logo as with the Crest can be across all areas of your business. Notepaper and stationery, business cards, website, marketing material for a
personal use (e.g. coaching leaflets) email signatures, retail signage and accessories and apparel for personal use.

In another change, a Member will be able to choose his/her own suppliers of personal apparel and accessories and a set of the new logo guidelines has been produced for manufacturers to follow.

A Member can choose whether to use their name with the logo in all instances except retail and facility signage. In those instances, the Member’s name must appear as in the example shown above.

Due to trademark restrictions in some parts of the world not all International Members will be able to use it in their country of business. Separate communication will be rolling out to International Members to clarify the situation in their country. In those instances, Members will continue to use the Crest.

Following the announcement of the broadening of the Association membership categories, PGA Coach and Business Management logos are
currently being developed and the guidelines for the use of these designations will follow in the New Year.

Further information and a copy of the guidelines booklet can be found at Any questions regarding use of the new logo should be directed to