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Nominate a PGA Member who you know has done an outstanding charitable act


The Toby Sunderland Award recognises an outstanding charitable act or contribution by a PGA Professional.  PGA pros across the world regularly raise tens of thousands of pounds per year for charity and give their time freely to support causes close to their hearts.  This ongoing support to community developments, national schemes and charities is recognised through the annual presentation of the Toby Sunderland Award.

Previously nominations of this award have only come from within GB&I. This year we would like to receive nominations from the International membership to be put forward to the judging panel and be in with a chance of winning the award in 2020.

Your nominee should be a member who has supported their chosen charity or charities and through their own endeavours have raised funds and awareness. This is not always someone who has raised the most money but someone who has demonstrated support through their personal effort. For example; climbing mountains, running marathons, arranging events sporting or otherwise to support worthy causes. These individuals often have a personal connection to their cause.

There is one award per region, and the overall winner receives £1,200 (towards their chosen charity. The runners up receive £250 and each nominee is awarded a plaque.

Nominations must be submitted to (Regional Manager – International) by 31st December 2019.