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Coaching Week 2019 – Get involved!


THE PGA is once again taking part in Coaching Week 2019 which will highlight the important role coaches play in helping to create the conditions for people of all ages, gender and ability to thrive, as individuals, as groups and as communities.

From June 3-9, The PGA will be showcasing the amazing projects and stories PGA Professionals are involved with. This year the campaign will adopt a much more specific focus, demonstrating the value of coaching to communities, and how coaching improves social connections and well-being.

What’s happening?

A week of activity and events will activate a movement committed to bringing great coaching experiences to communities across the UK.

The campaign will bring together clubs, community groups, education, businesses, charities, the public sector, coaches and participants to explore the role great coaching can play.

Why Coaching Week?

Together, during Coaching Week 2019, The PGA along with a number of sporting organisations will send a strong message that explains why it makes sense to support, empower and invest in our nation’s coaches.

UK Coaching Week will:

  • Showcase the amazing things inspiring coaches achieve
  • Explore how more coaches could play a greater role in facilitating community well-being
  • Galvanise the Government, organisations and the public to value and invest in coaching
  • Inspire more coaches to develop their PEOPLE skills.

How You Can Get Involved?


Create and share content about coaches that make a difference. Use #CoachingWeek on social media.


Organise or attend an event that showcases great coaching and thank coaches for making a difference.


Have a great idea for bringing great coaching to more people? Share it and explain what you would need to make it happen.

Our idea for more #greatcoaching is …


Publish your commitment to improving coaching and/or bringing about more coaching by making a pledge on Twitter.

My/Our #greatcoachingpledge is …


The week (June 3-9)

Monday June 3

Showcasing coaches playing a pivotal role in building stronger communities.

Tuesday June 4

Showcasing coaching as a catalyst for crime prevention.

Wednesday June 5

Revealing coaching as a driver for tackling loneliness.

Thursday June 6

Showcasing coaching uniting communities.

Friday June 7

Demonstrating coaching aiding recovery, social prescription and mental well-being.

Saturday June 8

Coaching helping people living with disabilities grow in confidence and independence.

Sunday June 9

Coaching as a vehicle for breaking down social barriers.


We want to hear how and why you are inspired to achieve and how your role is facilitating community well-being.

If you want to be involved, please make sure you share your stories and pledges with us by tagging @ThePGA on Twitter and using #CoachingWeek.