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The PGA Placement Programme


The PGA placement programme is designed to provide both registered assistants and qualified PGA Members with placement opportunities where they can gain a broader understanding of the global golf industry and gain new experiences associated with working overseas. Roles will primarily be located in the Middle East, Southern Europe and Asia.

For the individual, the key benefits include gaining a greater appreciation of the international landscape whilst potentially swapping the low season in the UK & Ireland (i.e. winter) for a high season overseas.

The main benefit to the host facility is that these placements can help supplement staffing requirements during peak seasons and bring additional expertise onto your team.


Q. Who can apply for the placement programme?
A. All registered assistants and qualified PGA members are eligible to apply for the programme.

Q. Who is responsible for arranging any necessary work visas?
A. The employing host venue are responsible for ensuring the individual on placement has the correct work permit/visa to work legally in the country where the placement will take place.

Q. What is the length of the placement positions?
A. It is expected placements will last between 3-6 months, however the length of placement will depend on the requirements of the host venue.

Q. Who is responsible for my flight costs?
A. This should be decided between the host venue and the individual applying.

Q. Who should I turn to for support when I am in the country?
A. In the unlikely event that you experience difficulties when you are working at the host venue, you should first speak with your host venue to try and resolve any issues.
If this is unsuccessful you can always contact the local embassy of your origin e.g. the British Embassy.


If you are interested in becoming part of the placement programme, either as an individual looking for opportunities, or as a facility looking to offer a placement, please contact