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Why Dementia Golf is Good for Business


Course Title: Why Dementia Golf is Good for Business
Level: Introductory
Maximum Places: 15 per venue
Cost (Member): £60
Course Introduction: This new course gives you an insight into dementia and why golf is important for those who have dementia. The course will also help you to adapt your coaching sessions and explain how best to engage with dementia golfers.
Course Content: • Introduction to dementia (types/stats/impact)

• Dementia within the golf industry (stats/impact/future)

• Case studies of people playing golf with dementia

• Examples of how to recognise early signs within membership

• Case studies on why keeping golf in people’s lives is important

• Adapting your coaching sessions to meet the needs of dementia golfers

• Criteria for evaluating a session and measuring your social impact

• Case studies on how to best engage with dementia golfers

• Safeguarding tips

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will:

• Have a better understanding of dementia and impact on golf industry

• Recognise the early signs of dementia among your membership

• Understand the benefits to your club of keeping people with dementia engaged with golf

• Be able to see your golf club through the eyes of a golfer with dementia

• Know how to successfully run and evaluate dementia golf sessions

• Be able to offer practical advice on how to support dementia golfers

• Know how to develop a community engagement plan

• Know how to raise awareness and educate your membership about your programme

• Understand why being a dementia friendly golf club is good for business

Required equipment: Pen and paper, favourite golf club and favourite golf memories.



Dates and venue for the ‘Why Dementia Golf is Good for Business’ are: