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PGA Members’ Dinner & Networking evenings in the UAE


Matthew Davies (Regional Manager – International) is travelling to the UAE next week to deliver on his objective to engage face-to-face with more international PGA Members and create opportunities for Members to network, learn and share experiences and ideas.

He said: “The purpose of my visit to the UAE is primarily to meet with as many PGA members as possible, talk to our Members in the region about the upcoming outlined changes to the Membership structure, and gather feedback as to what they would like to see from their PGA membership into the future.

“It will also provide me with a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the region for hosting events in the future. I am fortunate to already know quite a few Members in the region, and this will be a great opportunity for me to put a lot more faces to names!

“We have seen with the introduction of our International Members Conference in Thailand, and European Members Meeting in Frankfurt, the power of bringing PGA members together for networking and knowledge sharing.”

If you have not already registered to attend one of the evenings, please email by 23rd January.


Dinner & Networking Evening – Abu Dhabi

Time: 7pm

Date: Tuesday 28th January

Venue: Abu Dhabi Golf Club


Dinner & Networking Evening – Dubai

Time: 7pm

Date: Wednesday 29th January

Venue: Els Club, Dubai