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Delaney hoping to inspire more females to take up golf


Tara Delaney received her first set of golf clubs at 10 years of age from Santa, and she hopes that many more young children will be influenced to do the same as she continues her personal golf journey as a PGA Professional, writes Paul Kelly.

The Co. Carlow Golf Club pro has joined five other female PGA Professionals participating in the Level Par Coaching Programme.

The Level Par initiative, managed by the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI), is supported by Sport Ireland and is designed to create more awareness, education and positive interventions around the women’s and girl’s game.

Research has shown that where a female coach is involved, the number of junior girls at that club or facility doubles. Just 13 of 600 PGA Professionals in Ireland are female so further work is required to encourage more female coaches to take up coaching positions at all levels.

“I believe the experiences I have had to date in sport, and most particularly in golf, have shaped who I am as a person today,” said 33-year-old Delaney, who played for four years on the Ladies European Tour.

“I would like to increase the awareness surrounding the benefits female PGA Professionals can bring to the golf industry. I would also like to encourage more people to try, play and participate in the game, women and girls in particular.

“On a personal level, I would like to further develop my own skills, knowledge and abilities to better assist and benefit those I come into contact with.”

The coaching and officiating pillar of Level Par, consists of 20 days over a 20 month period from October 2019 to July 2021.  A combination of mentoring, workshops, research and hands on coaching practice is included in the planned activities.

It’s a learning experience for all involved with Delaney embracing the chance to discuss different approaches.

“It is has provided the opportunity for a lot of self-reflection regarding a wide variety of topics,” she added.

“Many of us have had the same or very similar experiences, concerns and biases, unbeknownst to one another. I believe that by discussing and reviewing these issues there is a better chance of planning and realising change.”