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Junior Golf Passport – everything you need to know


PGA Professionals who use the Golf Foundation’s revamped 2019 Junior Golf Passport can now also expect business-boosting additions that will sustain and even grow their coaching throughout the winter.

The Golf Foundation is working closely with many PGA Professionals up and down the country in a supportive campaign called ‘Winter is Coming’, which is enabling more focused junior coaching throughout the winter, a time when coaches can see a drop-out rate with junior players. As part of this support, the Foundation team has created a series of benefits for existing Junior Golf Passport users and also for those golf clubs signing up to the Passport for the first time.

PGA Professionals can access the Junior Golf Passport specific Winter is Coming webinar now:



Viewers will see a number of attractive new Passport activity learning sheets and games available in the ‘Coaches’ Locker Room’. These include ‘Ryder Cup’, ‘Dragons’ Den’ (where juniors pitch playing ideas to the coach), ‘Scavenger Hunt’ (a clubhouse search for clues about their club), fun word searches (‘What’s in the Bag?’), ‘Dice Golf’ and ‘Join the dots, count the shots’, are just some examples which all increase children’s knowledge of the sport and their loyalty towards their coach and golf club. Much of this activity can be enjoyed indoors in bad weather, and can help keep the group of juniors together.

The activity sheets can be printed out and stored in the junior’s Passport wallet, which can then be stamped by the PGA pro and student together when each new skill has been learned. Another new addition on clubface and ball flight will please the many juniors who are drawn to the technological side of the game.

Martin Crowder, Head of Development for the Golf Foundation, said: “Working closely with PGA professional colleagues we recognise that it is desirable for everyone connected with junior golf to promote the sport as an all-year-round option, to keep boys and girls keen, working with their coaches right through the winter so that they are just as motivated in the spring.

“We also want PGA coaches to see that however big or small their facility we can help them to offer a fantastic junior programme in their area, every month of the year. These winter features are helping to create a buzz for juniors and their families.”

The cost of the Junior Golf Passport is £120 for a 12-month licence. Visit to find out more or email for more details.