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How We Love Golf can benefit your business


We Love Golf is The PGA’s female golf recruitment campaign.  There are many ways PGA Members can get involved with the programme and many have been running We Love Golf taster sessions with great success.

Members using the We Love Golf pathway have found that conversion and retention rates are very high, which proves that learning with a PGA Member in a group environment is the best way to get women golfing.

Here we look at a few examples of how the campaign has had a positive impact on Members’ business over the last 12 months:


Cliff Gough at Reigate Heath Golf Club, England

The first ever We Love Golf taster session was held 12 months ago. 12 women turned up to Reigate Heath on a rainy Saturday and 100% took up the paid-for follow on sessions. We’re delighted to report that 12 months later, they are all playing golf, paying for coaching and 6 have taken up Academy Membership at the Golf Club.

All of them have purchased equipment from their Pro, Cliff Gough, who has been really impressed by the results of the campaign, “I could not believe how many enquiries we got from the We Love Golf outreach on social media.  We had 12 ladies turn up on the day and 6 have stuck and are best of friends!  I would really recommend working with We Love Golf.  They will help your set-up and successfully recruit the target audience you want for your club.”


Topgolf UK

One of the early adopters was Andrew Agnoli PGA Fellow Professional and PGA Director of Golf / Head of Academy at Topgolf.  Their first event was such a success that in 2019 the campaign was extended to run across all 3 venues. Andrew explains: “Via the We Love Golf campaign, we have run two events in the last year attracting 150 women to come and try golf at our venues.  As a result, more women and families are having lessons with us and we have launched our own Bays to Fairways beginner programme, which 45 women have signed up to through We Love Golf this year.”

Coaching revenue isn’t the only benefit the sites have experienced as Andrew continues, “These new players spend money with us and bring their families along, which is really important to us, so much so that we are reviewing the frequency of these We Love Golf events.  We all enjoy creating new golfers here so the We Love Golf nights are one of the highlights of our year.”



Gregor Wright at Murrayshall, Scotland

In July PGA Member Gregor Wright ran We Love Golf taster sessions as part of a Solheim Cup legacy programme. 38 women, of all ages, attended the free sessions to try golf for the very first time. Of those women, 16 carried on into paid for coaching half of whom meet up independently to play golf in the evening! Gregor and the team at Murrayshall have designed a winter programme and 14 of the original We Love Golf groups has signed up!

Gregor commented: “Working with We Love Golf has made a big difference to us.  These women are complete beginners, but they are keen to learn are paying for coaching and want to be part of the golf club. I am confident that they will become members in 2020 and there is even talk of a golf holiday! I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for them and we are looking forward to working with the We Love Golf campaign again.”


Louise D’Arcy, Wicklow Golf Club, Ireland

Louise was part of the International Women’s Day campaign in March 2019.  We Love Golf’s promotion in the area attracted 40 women to the taster session at Wicklow Golf Club.  It also attracted wider attention as Louise explains: “a few weeks after the We Love Golf event took place, we received a letter from the Minister of Health here in Ireland, congratulating us on the event. It was a great boost for the club and for the lady members who played such an important role in helping me convert the beginners into regular players.”

20 of the original We Love Golf women are now active members of the golf club, pay for coaching sessions and purchase equipment from their PGA Pro.  Louise continues, “The Club has really benefitted from working with We Love Golf.  Adding 20 women to the membership not only creates revenue, it has transformed the feel of the place. I can’t wait to run another campaign in 2020.”


We Love Golf – DIY!

The We Love Golf recruitment pathway has been turned into a tool kit for Members to deliver themselves. This six-week, easy to follow guide, has been trialled this year with a number of PGA Members including Ben Smith at Ingestre Park Golf Club.  Using social media and traditional promotion such as posters and PR, templates for which are all provided, Ben’s taster session attracted 12 women, 11 of whom signed up to paid for coaching sessions.

To request a copy of the Tool Kit simply email