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Using The PGA brand logo


Recent PGA communications have centred on the changes to the Membership categories and the development of a new PGA Members logo which would be based on “the three letters” utilised in the corporate logo. As of November 2019, PGA Members will be able to use this new PGA Members logo.

Any use of the PGA Members logo by Members is granted under the licensing of The PGA brand. In order for us to be able to do this, The PGA needs to own the licence in the territory concerned. You may be aware that The PGA does not own the trade mark throughout the world therefore we can only licence the brand to individuals in those territories where we own it.

Set out in the table below are the countries where we do own the trade mark.

EU countries:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden United Kingdom


Other Countries:

Albania Andorra Bahrain Bosnia Herzegovina Cambodia
Channel Islands China Egypt Faroe Islands Gibraltar
Greenland Iceland India Isle of Man Kenya
Kosova Laos Liechtenstein Macedonia (FYROM) Monaco
Morocco Myanmar Norway Pakistan Republic of Montenegro
Republic of Serbia Russia Saint Lucia San Marino Singapore
Switzerland Tunisia Turkey Vatican City (Italy)


Failing to comply with this directive could result in legal action being taken against you from the trade mark owner.

We are working with the relevant local PGA trade mark owners in territories where we don’t own the trade mark to hopefully form agreements for you to use the PGA Members logo brand in the future. We will update you on our progress in due course.

You are however still able to use the PGA Crest as you do currently. A full set of guidelines regarding use of the brand will be delivered to Members this week within The PGA Professional Magazine, digitally and added to the website.

If there are any queries regarding use of the new logo then please contact your Regional Manager, Matthew Davies at