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Your Brand, Your Business


Course Title: Your Brand, Your Business
Start/End date: 04/11/2019
Level: Intermediate
Maximum Places: 25
Available Places: 24
Cost (Member): £42.00
Course Content: An opportunity to commercially review your brand and your business via an interactive seminar with Jeremy Tomlinson. ‘Own business objectivity’ is unfortunately a rarely attained luxury, predominantly due to time pressures of everyday workload. The goal of this seminar through review and discussion is for you to leave having achieved a level of objectivity, alongside thoughts and actions that can positively drive your business moving forward.
Course Objectives: • Initial session introducing Jeremy Tomlinson and his career in the golf industry.

• Moving on to why the styling of an interactive seminar and how it differs to a lecture, lesson or presentation

• Providing an opportunity to review as a group “high level” thought provoking topics, in as much detail as a discussion leads… Golf Market Commercial Elements

• What are the commercial elements of the golf market that effect you and your business on a regular basis? Can you ignore any of them? If so which ones? Which ones do you believe to be in your control? How commercially influential is The PGA?

• How aware are golfers of the games governing bodies? What does “growing the game” mean?

• Brands and how they work. What brands effect/influence the way you run your business? Why do they?

• How many sales do their Tour messaging & presence drive? What golfers do they truly target?

• Can your business be successful without mainstream brands? Will the B2C platform continue to grow?

• An opportunity to objectively appraise your own brand and what that represents.

• Does your brand best represent price or service?

• Do the mainstream golf brands positively or negatively influence your brand?

• What employment style do you have? How do you “Grow the Game”?

• Analyse your business and how it compares within market. What brands and products do you stock?

• Do you achieve your targeted turnover & margins?

• How influenced is your business by other retail channels? Where do the majority of your sales emanate from members or visitors?

• Are you happy with the level of support from your golf club committee/management?

• Any other attributes of your business worthy of mention? Strategies and opportunities to move forward with… After a day of reviewing the commercial elements within or out of your control, we will define various actions to positively affect Your Brand & Your Business in the future.

Required equipment: Pen and paper
Venue information: PGA National Training Academy
The Belfry
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands