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Woodbridge and Badgemore Park have big plans for the future


Starting at the beginning of September, after four years touring Martin Woodbridge has returned to the club and retail side of golf following Badgemore Park’s selection of him to be their new PGA Head Professional, Charles Dehaan.

As Woodbridge explains: “Badgemore Park’s a club that’s very forward thinking. It’s already been adapting to the ways in which lifestyle trends and consumer expectations are changing, and now they want me to help them get into a higher gear, turn their latest plans into action and help transform the club successfully and in financial terms, sustainably.”

“There’s lots to do here, but it’s largely about building on the club’s successful investment in a new gym and fitness facility two years ago. This has brought in a lot more people of a significantly younger age range, and part of my job is to get as many of them into golf as we can. So I’m developing a Get Into Golf campaign locally to reach beyond the club itself and into the local audiences, while building up both a Ladies and Junior Academies, something I had a lot of success doing a few years back at Oxford Golf Club with fellow pro Joe Pepperell.”

Woodbridge adds: “There’s the retail side of course, the pro shop, where I’ll look to improve on the service delivery levels to the members and visitors, and offer an appropriate range of brands and products.”

He summarises: “The thing I’m really excited about is the club’s plan for improving their coaching facilities, which potentially means new indoor as well as outdoor facilities. Golfers find these sorts of facilities very attractive and because they see as a part of their golf, they now expect clubs to provide these facilities to a very high standard in return for their annual subscription.”