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The Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI) launches The Level Par Scholarship

Following a recent announcement that golf will benefit from Sport Ireland funding to the sum of €200,000 the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI) has launched The Level Par Scholarship.

Participation of women and girls in golf is on the rise at every level from grassroots to high performance. However, with less than five per cent of registered PGA Professionals in Ireland being female, further work is required to encourage more female coaches to take up coaching positions at all levels.

Female PGA Professionals are now being invited to apply for a position on The Level Par Scholarship award.

The overall goal as part of the Level Par programme is two-fold; to increase the number of female PGA Professionals overall, as this has shown to increase girls participation at club level, and secondly, to encourage more professionals to experience roles at High-Performance level.

The Scholarship, which is part of the Coaching and Officiating pillar of Level Par, will consist of 20 days over a 20 month period from October 2019 to July 2021. A combination of mentoring, workshops, research and hands-on coaching practice is included in the planned activities.

The programme participants and content will be under the management of the ILGU High Performance Manager David Kearney and successful candidates will receive a bursary toward costs incurred including expenses and daily fees for coaching delivered.

“Allowing more female coaches the opportunity to experience coaching at regional and high performance is a hugely positive step forward,’ explained Kearney.

“Coaching practices are completely different when it comes to introducing boys and girls to golf. This Scholarship will highlight these key variances in order to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.”

The initiative is supported by Sport Ireland and is designed to create more awareness, education and positive interventions around the women’s and girl’s game.

“Research has proven that participation rates for junior girls double when female coaches are involved in clubs,” said Sinead Heraty, Chief Executive of the ILGU.

“Through the Level Par Scholarship we are keen to provide current female PGA Professionals and our leading amateurs the opportunity to explore their interests in coaching.”

For further information or to return below expression of interest in becoming a Level Par Scholar contact