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What can Golfplan do for you?


Golf can be a hazardous game. Weekly, on tours around the world, spectators and players alike face dangers every time they visit a golfing venue. Find out how to protect yourself and your Golf Business today.

Alex Kotlarzewski Golfplan – PGA Professional turned golf insurance expert tells us more:

Golfplan have been around for over 30 years, and most PGA Members are aware of the brand. As a member myself, it is my responsibility to bridge the gap between the Golf and Insurance industries, highlighting all the areas where we can protect PGA members, their businesses and their members.

As our PGA Partnership has continued to develop over the years, so has the golfing industry. As the industry has developed, so have Golfplan products and services. Now we can offer added services and benefits for PGA members – not only offering individual protection in a golfing capacity for when you play or practise, including equipment, but adding additional revenue streams by integrating specific tailored policies for your business or facility where you work.


As a PGA members benefit, we can offer a 40% discount on individual Golfplan policies. As we are liable now in golf if we hit someone or something, it is important to protect ourselves whilst we play or practise golf. For many years, we were all under the impression that calling fore was enough if we hit an errant shot. However, now that the liability has been found to lie with the person who struck the shot, we should all take the necessary steps to stop an errant shot turning into a financial disaster – with over £400,000 in damages being granted to the injured party in one historic case. Call today on 01527 868 160 and quote your membership number to access this great deal.

All Golfplan policies cover all golf facilities worldwide as standard, so no matter where you find yourself playing or practising golf, you will be protected if you hit someone or something, with a golf club, golf ball or golf buggy.


PGA Members can become introducers. By continuing the PGA Partnership, we see the value of PGA Members introducing Golfplan to their members or visitors by the use of a four-digit promotional code. Any individual policies that are taken out using this code will generate £20 commission. If you would like to set yourself up as an introducer at your facility or if you are an introducer already and need new promotional material, then please contact Alex to set this up today on 01527 868 160 or at:


Golf Club Professionals can also recommend our brand new Golfplan Club Membership Policy. These policies can be offered directly as a members benefit, and, as the Club Professional, you can offer the service to replace your member’s equipment that are covered for loss, theft or damage. As a group policy, members get a great level of cover at a fantastic reduced premium as a members benefit. The Golf Club can add value to help recruitment or retention of members and protect themselves against loss of revenue from membership fees through injury or ill health.


Golfplan can offer fantastic bespoke Pro Shop Policies utilising a panel of specialist golf insurers. These policies are designed to include PL cover, Equipment and Apparel, Specialist Teaching Equipment including Swing Rooms and Simulators. Call and speak to our specialist teams.

Call today and speak with fellow members to help guide you through all of your golf insurance needs and find out how you can protect yourself and your business through Golfplan. Tel: 01527 868 160