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Mankert’s venture hailed by the R&A


The initiatives of Leicester-based PGA Advanced Fellow Professional Anders Mankert to get people into golf have been described as ‘brilliant’ by a figure at the game’s top level, R&A chairman Ian Pattinson, writes Adrian Milledge.

Mankert has revived the golf course in Oadby, Leicester, that had lain dormant and neglected for seven years and, inspired by a seeing a video about the project, Pattinson sent his congratulations via a hand-written letter.

He wrote: ‘I just had to sit down and send you this note. I think it is absolutely brilliant and I think what you are doing is just great. Very many congratulations and keep up the great work you are doing to get new people into our game.

‘Leicester is not very close to me, but should I get within 50 miles of it, I will make a detour and come for a few holes. With my best regards.’

The new course complements the 16-bay Top Tracer range Mankert opened last year and is part of the golfing facility known as the Leicester Golf Centre.

Rules are kept to a minimum – there is no dress code to deter people from taking up the game and the facility is open to everyone.

Mankert said: “We focus on a warm, friendly welcome, and want people of all ages, including families, to have a good time within a sporting environment.

“The reopening of the course, which features three new holes, was the second main phase of our development. The first was the 16-bay Top Tracer range which has proved extremely popular.

“So has the new course, which opened for play only a month ago. Indeed, it is amazing to see that we are generating so much interest within the game and that it is being noticed at such a high level.

“I was surprised and thrilled to receive a handwritten note from the chairman of the game’s governing body, the R&A, especially so soon after we opened the course.

“It shows how positive the R&A is in taking golf forward in a modern way.

“Closer to home, an accolade like this is extremely encouraging and makes me and all my staff more determined than ever to maintain and develop our initiatives to get more and more people getting involved in the game and enjoying it.”