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Stepping in the right direction


It’s back to the future for PGA Professionals in the north this month when they are handed the chance to reconnect with North East club Rockcliffe Hall for the first time in years, writes David Birtill.

 “A lot of players are looking forward to the trip because it’s been a while since we visited the area,” said regional manager Jonathan Paine who is keen to restore the status-quo.

“One of our key aims is to get all the counties back to join the regional structure. It will be a step in the right direction and we will try to meet as many people as possible.

“There is obviously a wealth of memberships in the North East with some very good players in their day such as Pete Cowen, Dave Clarke and Michael Nesbit who have all been winners at some stage.

“We are keen to get players like that with us again and make the region whole as it used to be. But we will have to hold up our hands as well because we’ve not done many events up there in quite a while.”

Paine observed: “There are a great many new members in the North East who we don’t get to see. We suspect that there are quite a lot of young assistants who don’t know who we are or what we do.

“Many of them won’t even know us. It’s important that we all “move as one” and this is just one small step in the right direction.”

Nearer home, PGA North are into their second year since moving to Pleasington where they recently staged a hugely successful PGA North Region Championship.

And Paine pointed out that restructuring the events will be more spaced out and provide the opportunities for busy professionals to play.

“There’s going to be more connections with professionals and amateurs alike,” he explained.

“We are hoping to return to how busy we were a few years ago. The knock-on effect can make a big difference all round.”

Paine added: “We are also staging the National Assistants’ Championship at the end of the month which is a great lift for the North.”