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Getting people and fun back into golf


Appointed earlier this year, John McCartney and Tom Kearns are in charge of a brand new teaching studio facility based at Godstone Golf Club. They’re already proving to many golfers how simple tweaks to their swings can take them from frustration to enjoyment.

As McCartney explains: “It’s all about helping people gain the skill of how to apply their swing to the ball. Golf is – or should be – all about having fun and enjoying yourself, whether it’s out on the course or on the practice ground, and we’re helping get a lot of people back into the game.”

He adds: “What we are finding is that most clients have so much information floating around their head about their technique, they’ve never stopped to consider what it is they are trying to do to the ball. Making people aware of the task, setting an intention and then using Trackman to guide their sense of feel as to how close they were to that intention, delivers great improvement before having to get into technique.”

“These are people who typically became frustrated with all their bad shots, and inevitably found excuses to stop making time for golf in their lifestyles. I think that explains much of the reduced participation rates.”

He continues: “A common misconception is that they think they’ve got to make the ball go up into the air, so they’re trying to scoop the ball up instead of understanding why they need to be hitting down on the ball.”

McCartney summarises: “Anyone can play golf. We help them find their ‘inner golfer’, understand how they can easily improve their shot making, and rediscover how much fun golf can be. That’s when they start to play more regularly and get their families into the game as well. And that’s great for golf and golf clubs.”