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SuperSpeed Golf certification program


SuperSpeed Golf has launched a certification program for anyone who wants to learn the intricate details of how and why OverSpeed training works.

Each level of the SuperSpeed Certified includes detailed instruction not only about OverSpeed Training but also Biomechanics, Coaching and Business.

Delve into the science behind generating speed with this 3-level online certification course. The course covers the history of overspeed training, coaching applications, business strategies, junior development and in-depth biomechanics. This certification uses interactive learning to provide you with comprehensive learning.

PGA Professionals can apply for 5 CPD points upon completion of each Level. Upon Completion of all 3 levels PGA Professionals can achieve 15 CPD points.

To find out more information about the program and to book on, click on the following link:

For any more information contact:

Matt Masters PGA

Instagram & Facebook – @superspeedgolfeurope

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We break down the 3 components of speed production: Ground Force Mechanics, Rotational Sequencing and Lag, showing you in detail how these elements affect speed in the golf swing.


We discuss the overall progression of our SuperSpeed Training Protocols and look at best practices for coaching all of the drill positions.


We take an in depth look at how to speed in junior golfers as well as break down all of our All-Star and SuperFun protocols.


We show you how to make sure each of your players is fit for exactly the right set of SuperSpeed Golf Training Clubs.


We go into great detail on how to customize SuperSpeed Training for each player by screening for deficiencies in Ground Force Mechanics, Rotational Sequencing, and Lag and implementing corrective protocols.

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