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New process for PGA subscription renewal payments


The PGA has launched a new process around subscription renewal payments to make it fairer for those Members who ensure payment is made on time.

Over the last few years an increasing number of PGA Members and PGA Assistants have been paying subscriptions late. This has usually come with little or sometimes no contact with the Association.

Although The PGA has accommodated these late payments where possible, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and, most importantly it is unfair to the large percentage of Members who make their subscription renewal payment by the October 31 deadline.

In a bid to overcome this issue, The PGA has enforced the below changes from October 1, 2019 which will form part of the Assocation’s Regulations (Part 2, Membership, Clause 6).

  • Annual subscription fees for membership shall be due on 1 October and must be paid by 31 October each year for all Members.
  • Any Member who has not paid their annual subscription fees by 31 October shall be suspended from membership with immediate effect.
  • Any Member who has not paid the annual subscription fees by 30 November shall remain suspended from all membership privileges and also be immediately liable to pay an additional administrative charge of £100 (the “Surcharge”). Assistants shall be similarly liable for any failure to pay their subscription fees on their due date; however, the Surcharge shall be £50.
  • Any Member who has not paid the annual subscription fees together with the Surcharge by the next available Executive Committee meeting shall cease to be a Member and the Member’s name will be deemed to have been removed from the Register of Members and their membership terminated and may only be reinstated subject to the provisions of Membership Regulations.

The PGA understands that from time-to-time people will experience unforeseen circumstances and are unable to meet deadlines. If you anticipate any problems or issues around subscription renewal payment or are unable to meet the above deadlines, contact the Membership Department by emailing or call +44(0)1675 468 380 as soon as possible but in any event before the October 31 deadline.