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Jase trades birdies for blisters


Golfers are known for enjoying a good walk. But Jason Levermore (Little Channels Golf Centre) took it to extremes recently when he took on the London 2 Brighton Challenge to raise funds for Cancer UK.

It was the latest in a series of quests that Levermore – as part of a group – has undertaken in memory of his great friend Jason Moss, who died of leukaemia aged 21.

Levermore, 39, has also run the London Marathon, successfully completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge and the Isle of Wight Ultra Challenge.

But the London 2 Brighton Challenge tested his every ounce of his resolve. Stopping only for brief breaks, he walked for more than 26 hours without sleep on the last weekend in May.

He said: “You start at Kew Bridge and walk down to the Brighton coast, which is about 102 kilometres in total – 66 miles. Six of us did it and we’ve raised about £3,200 between us.

“My feet were horrendous. The last 10 hours I was in agony. I’ve got seven blisters over my two feet and one on the left sole – no exaggeration it’s about the size of four 50p pieces! It burst with about five kilometres to go and my foot got soaked.

“To be honest, the last 10 hours of the walk every step felt like needles going in my feet. It was just brutal. Even now, a week later, I’ve got plasters on five of my toes and a compeed on the sole of my foot.”

The 2019 PGA East region captain made a tentative return to competitive golf five days after his walk and received special dispensation from the tournament director to wear trainers rather than golf shoes.

Levermore said: “My feet were still a little swollen from the walk, so I had to change my socks every three holes and talc my feet because they barely fitted in my shoes.”

To Levermore’s credit he still had the class to shoot level par and finish tied-fourth at Crews Hill.

The Essex ace plans more fundraising activity in the future but don’t expect him to be trying another 100-kilometre non-stop any time soon.

He said: “I’ve told the boys I’m not doing another one of these challenges at this distance. The last 10 hours no one talks to anyone because everyone is in agony!

“I want to do stuff that we’re going to enjoy from now on. So next year we’re doing one up in the Lake District, which is a mix of kayaking, trekking and mountain biking over the space of about 12 hours.”

Fewer hours, more fun and surely fewer blisters, eh Jase?

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