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Unleash your Drive – Training for PGA Professionals


The Golf Foundation is offering all PGA Professional coaches interested in working with children and young people the opportunity to develop their coaching and teaching skills around this audience with a particular focus on developing life skills through golf.

Following an extremely successful pilot project, tested and developed by a group of junior focused PGA Professionals under the guidance of mental toughness experts, Yeast Ltd, the Golf Foundation is rolling out a new programme called, “Unleash your Drive”.

The initiative is aimed at helping coaches deliver a normal golf coaching session with the added focus of teaching exercises such as breathing,
mindfulness and visualisation. The pilot also revealed the importance of key coaching skills such as the art of asking great questions, encouraging the youngsters to self-reflect and challenging participants to go outside of their comfort zone.

The Unleash your Drive pilot study demonstrated a measurable and significant difference to the Mental Toughness of the participants. Wider research in this area shows that mental toughness has a positive impact upon:
• Achievement in Exams and tests
• Behaviour (lower anti-social behaviour)
• Employability
• Performance in sport
• Wellbeing

The PGA Coaches involved in the pilot project also reported being able to ‘read all of their clients better’ and the selling benefit of the programme to parents.

Tom Hide, PGA Professional at Coastal Golf Academy at Frinton Golf Club commented, “The programme has completely changed the way I coach but it has also had a huge impact on my life. I’ve been really impressed by the changes I’ve seen in the children and their parents are as committed to the programme as we are.”

Unleash your Drive Workshops “PGA Professionals will be credited with 25 CPD points by The PGA for successful completion/participation of this course”.

The Course will enable you to deliver the Unleash your Drive principles to young people as part of your normal golf coaching programme. In addition, it will help you to understand Mental Toughness and how to develop it in others through coaching and teaching golf. You will be able to read the mindset and resilience of others and adjust the way you communicate to enable the interaction to be much more powerful and beneficial.

The course will also enhance your current teaching business and appeal to parents of new juniors. The skills you will learn will enhance the quality of your lessons with both adults and children and give you a point of difference to market yourself.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Deliver the Golf Foundation’s Unleash your Drive Program
• Understand what Mental toughness is and its impact on individuals
• Understand the components of Mental Toughness and how they can be developed
• Understand how to read Mental Toughness in others and adjust your teaching style to suit
• Provide wider life skills tools to youngsters whilst teaching Golf

Course Content
The morning will be spent exploring Mental Toughness in detail:
• What Mental Toughness is and what impact it has on behaviour performance and wellbeing
• The components of Mental Toughness and how they can be developed
• Tools and exercises which can develop Mental Toughness

The Afternoon will be used to demonstrate aspects of the Unleash your Drive programme:
• Structure of a lesson to enable and maximise learning
• Examples of lessons in chipping, putting and Driving incorporating the Mental Toughness tools
• How to ask fantastic questions and encourage participants to self-reflect
• How to flag and signpost tools for use outside of golf as ‘homework’
• Understanding the Coaches booklet and the Participants booklet

Course Tutor
The workshop will be delivered by Pete Wortley, from Yeast Ltd, who helped design and test the Unleash your Drive initiative. Peter has researched and studied the development of Mental Toughness for over 15 years. Working closely with the International Centre for Mental Toughness Development (A group led by Professor Peter Clough co-ordination research around the world’s leading Universities and research institutions), Peter takes the latest research and thinking and applies it to improve the impact he has on people.

Peter designed, coordinated, and delivered the research project which developed and validated the Unleash your Drive Programme.
A PGA Professional from the pilot project will be in attendance to help deliver the workshop as well as a Golf Foundation Regional Development Officer.

Workshop Venues and Dates – 9am to 4.30pm
• 4th June – Ramsdale Park, Nottingham
• 6th June – Addington Court Golf Centre, Croydon
• 12th June – Essendon Golf and Country Club, Hatfield
• 18th June – Prairie Sports Village, Burnley
• 26th June – Garforth Golf Club
• 27th June – Exeter Golf and Country Club
Cost: £50 per person
To book a place, please contact Jane Johnson – / 01992 449830