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Six tips to protect your business


PGA Partners Silverbug have provided PGA Members with SIX simple security tips to help protect your business.

Silverbug are a bespoke IT solutions company based in Milton Keynes. They have a passion for rectifying nightmare solutions and getting you out of the trickiest of IT problems and getting you back up and running.

IT security is often overlooked or not updated regularly enough, which results in companies being at risk to the latest cyber attacks, including:

  • Denial of service attacks – These attacks stop your business working by overloading your systems.
  • Phishing attacks – gaining personal info mimicking trusted contacts.
  • Ransomware attacks – encrypts your data until a ransom is paid.
  • Man-in the middle attacks – inserts itself between you and your clients taking your information.
  • Drive by attack – inserts malware into insecure web sites that spread to site visitors.
  • Plus many more!

So don’t employ the “it won’t happen to me” tactic as the recently published attack on the NHS proves that any organisation is vulnerable – This is where Silverbug come in as they have the best of breed solutions that they tailor to your business needs.

To get you started on the basics, here are 6 tips to improve your security:

Tip 1: Install and turn on anti-virus Software.

Tip 2: Use Multifactor Authentication for important accounts.

Tip 3: Help your Staff cope with ‘Password Overload’.

Tip 4: Check for obvious signs of ‘Phishing’.

Tip 5: Make backing-up a part of your everyday business.

Tip 6: Keep your back-up separate from your computer.

Silverbug’s services don’t stop there! They also offer a variety of alternative services, such as:

Additionally, Silverbug are pleased to announce that they are offering all PGA Members a no obligation ‘Free IT Consultation’ as well as three months free managed IT services when taking out a contract.

For more information and to start your Free IT Consultation, contact Silverbug on 020 7078 3795 or email quoting PGA.