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Five reasons to visit the R&A Swingzone at Royal Portrush


We asked five PGA Professionals why people visiting the 148th Open Championship should sign up for a FREE 15-minute lesson at the R&A Swingzone at Royal Portrush…


Jordan Patmore:

You have an opportunity to ask questions on your own game, seek free advice and hopefully take something away which will help you. Even if you’re a non-golfer it’s a chance to see if you enjoy or have a eye for the game.

Victoria Bradshaw:

Its FREE – no cost.  Some golfers have never had a golf lesson in their life and a free lesson is a golden opportunity to discuss their game and get some tips on how to improve and get more enjoyment from the game.  It’s also an opportunity for me to encourage golfers to support their local professional.

Alison Perkins:

People should come to the R&A Swingzone because there is such a great team of PGA Professionals with a vast array of knowledge, skills and personalities. You get the chance to hit some shots, pick up a golden tip, find a cure to something you have struggled with or get the golfing bug. It’s only 15 minutes but hey it’s a great 15 minutes.

Alistair Welsher:

I expect the majority of fans at Royal Portrush will be avid golfers and aren’t all golfers on a quest to play better golf?! As PGA Professional we have the expertise to help all golfers play better and take more enjoyment from the game. I’m sure all the spectators will take some amazing memories away with them, watching the best golfers in the world play the stunning links. Why not take away some new knowledge or understanding to help improve your own game?

Joanne Taylor:

The R&A Swingzone is a great opportunity for golfers of any age or level to pick up a few tips from some of the best coaches in the country. I’ve had people contact me on social media after previous opens to let me know the tip they picked up has helped their game, it’s well worth taking advantage of!