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Master Learners Summit – April 20-22 – De Goyer Golf Club (Netherlands)



Day 1 : New Insights
  • New Short Game Insights: Steven shares new experiences and perspectives from the lesson tee.
  • Fresh Eyes To Diagnosing “Problems”: A breakthrough in what we look for in
    the golf swing.
Day 2 : Attention & Skill Acquisition
  • Changing The Attention Habit: How to quieten the mind to create master learners.
  • Player Case Studies: Kendal and Steven share their experiences of working with champions and those who didn’t quite make it.
Day 3 : Awareness & Instinct
  • Expending Your Coaching Vocabulary: How heightening self-awareness can allow us to say less but mean more.
  • An Instinctive Take On Ground Forces: Getting to the heart of why we move the way we do and how to evoke change.
The summit includes:
  • An inspirational 3-day learning experience.
  • An opportunity to share experiences with like-minded coaches.
  • All presentations, clinics, live lessons, handouts and one to one sessions.
  • Post-Summit support from both Steven & Kendal.
  • Follow-Up reminder videos of what was covered during the 3 days.
  • Use of the magnificent practice facilities at De Goyer.
  • Attendance Certificates.
  • Access to the research that underpins the Summit’s coaching principals.
  • Tea/Coffee/Refreshments each day.
  • CPD points for PGA professionals.
  • Access to the private IG Coaches WhatsApp group.
What’s not included:
  • Accommodation. There is a hotel within walking distance of De Goyer.
  • Transport or transfers.
  • Meals.
How much does it cost?
  • Option 1: £595 per person. Payment to be made by bank transfer.
  • Option 2: Three monthly payments of £200 per month. Please contact Kendal if you would like to discuss any other options.



Kendal McWade Biography:

Full time professional golf coach – (Founder of IGC & Designer of The GolfHammer/GolfNail)
Kendal has over 35 years’ experience in professional golf and is the founder of Instinctive Golf Coaching. He has committed the last 20 years of his life to understanding more about learning and how we can help players of all standards learn new skills and develop their games more naturally.

He was convinced that a simple ball, stick and target game couldn’t be as difficult as we were making it, and he was determined to find a way of simplifying the coaching of the world’s most technical and over-analysed game.

  • The key elements that underpin his coaching are:
    Human beings have an innate instinctive ability to learn & they learn best through play!
  • Awareness & attention are far more important than information or concept!
  • Task-led Skill Development & Constraints Coaching Is Our Problem-Solving Default Mode!
  • Guided Exploration & Effective Questioning Is A Much More Effective Strategy Than Telling & Fixing!
  • Self-coaching & ownership should be the coach’s ultimate goal for their pupils!

He has presented to over 1000 PGA professionals on Skill Acquisition throughout Europe as part of The PGA’s CPD programme. He also spoke at the European Coaching Conference in 2003 and the Dutch PGA’s Week 11 Conference in 2016.

Kendal has worked with over 20 European Tour professionals and 3 Ryder Cup players including 2014 captain Paul McGinley. He spent 8 years working with England Golf and is lead coach to the Scottish Junior Golf Tour. In 2013 he founded two new junior development programmes, the “North Of England Futures” and “The Tour School” to help guide and support dedicated youngsters and their parents as they strive to be the best they can be.


Steven Orr Biography:

PGA Master Professional
Steven has been a full-time coach for more than 15 years, and in 2016 became the youngest ever PGA Master Professional.
During his career Steven has left no stone unturned in a desire to understand the truth’s as they relate to high performance in both golf and personal achievement. He has a Master’s Degree (MSc) in sports coaching, is a UKCC Level 4 coach and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Elite Performance at The University of Central Lancashire.

His coaching is driven mainly by 3 key questions:

  • How do we most effectively learn the golf swing/develop golf skill?
  • What are the key factors that produce peak performance in the playing environment?
  • How does a golf coach become more expert over time?

He has been exposed to several of the world’s leading coaching minds in a variety of fields and is also a Tutor for The PGA of Great Britain & Ireland. He works within England Golf as regional coach for the south-east. In media print, Steven is on the instruction staff and is a regular contributor to Golf World magazine. He works with golfers of all levels from beginners to national squad members to Challenge and European Tour players.


To secure your place on the Summit e-mail or call 07770810130.