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How To Develop a Tour Players Short Game


Course Title: How To Develop a Tour Players Short Game
Start/End date: 03/04/2020
Maximum Places: 16
Cost (Member): £42
Course Introduction: This seminar aims to deliver a clear, simple approach to the short game. Ideal for all professionals who have ‘lost’ their short games and want to recapture the feeling of soft landing chip shots rather than ‘duffs’ into a bunker. The seminar would also be ideal for coaches wishing to develop the skills of their pupils; particularly their younger pupils who would like to become tour players.
Course Content: * Introduction to the short game.
* Practical work on chipping and pitching
* Putting session, Bunker session.
* Putting it all together under pressure.
* Find out why the presenter feels he was ‘lucky’ to develop his short game skills
Course Objectives: * Understanding a clear, simple approach to mastering short game technique.
* Developing the ability to improve short game skills.
* Understanding the No 1 rule of the short game (the use of bounce).
* How to develop variety in the short game.
* How to use the skills you have under pressure.
Required equipment: Pens and Paper, golf clubs, golf shoes and outdoor clothing suitable for weather conditions
Venue information: PGA National Training Academy
Ping House
The Belfry
Sutton Coldfield


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