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A beginner’s guide to social media


Course Title: Beginner’s Guide To Social Media
Start/End date: 25/2/2020
Level: Introductory
Cost (Member): £42.00
Course Introduction: Baffled by social media? This seminar is designed to bring you up to speed with the everything you need to know to give you the confidence to start promoting your business across the most frequently used social media platforms. We will show you how to set up your accounts and teach you how to create and share posts. We will explain which social media platforms are the most relevant for different parts of your business and show you how you can use social media to communicate with current and future clients. We understand that PGA Professionals are poor on time, so we will also show you ways you can maximise your time and still have a social media presence.
Course Content: As well as offering practical advice and industry insight, some of the course content will be practical, including a session where we will help you to create and post content. We will also show you how to interact with and share content from other accounts across the three most popular social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Course Objectives: By the end of the day you will be able to:

• Set-up social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

• Manage day to day running of a social media account including creating and post engaging content

• Advertise events

• Schedule activity

• Grow your followers

• Access other people’s audiences

• Plan ahead

Required equipment: Pen and paper, mobile phone (fully charged) and a laptop or tablet (fully charged).
Venue information: PGA National Training Academy
The Belfry
Sutton Coldfield