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John Larrad has been made an Honorary Life Member of the Austrian PGA


The 76-year-old has spent more than three decades as head professional at the scenic Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee Golf Club, based in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps.

Larrad began his PGA career as an Assistant to Freddie George at Birstall Golf Club in 1960. He enjoyed spells at clubs in the Warwickshire and Ireland and became one of the youngest head professionals in the country when he joined Reading Golf Club, where he stayed for 22 years before moving to Austria.

One of Larrad’s greatest achievements as a player was back in 1969 when he was leading the Daks Tournament, held for professionals between 1950 – 1971, at the half-way stage playing with Brian Hugget who eventually won the event.

“It was a great surprise to be given Honorary Life Membership of the Austrian PGA,” said Larrad, who had his first golf lesson when he was 16 at Ratcliffe College, Leicester.

“I am so happy my parents let me join The PGA in September 1960 after spending a fortune on my education! I think they were shocked at the time but I thank them for letting me do the thing that I love.

“Moving to Austria was the best decision I made as I have the best client I have ever had. I’m still teaching ten hours a day and I love it!”
Asked what the best thing about being a PGA Member overseas it, Larrad continued: “Having thousands of nice customers to teach and most of them are great friends.

“I will keep coaching as long as people keep asking me. I am 77 but I look and feel like I’m 40. It must be all the fresh air!”