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APAL awards for International Members

Four international PGA Members have been awarded the status of PGA Fellow Professional in the latest Accreditation for Professional Achievement and Learning (APAL) awards.

The APAL awards reflect the commitment made by PGA Members to stay at the top of their game in whatever field of the golf industry they work in.

There are four levels of APAL awards rising from PGA Advanced Professional through to PGA Fellow, PGA Advanced Fellow and PGA Master Professional.

Among the other recipients in the latest batch are Paul Wilson (pictured) Laguna Phuket Resort, Thailand), Andrew Knott (Singha Elite Golf Performance Centre, Thailand), Philip Henderson (Al Zorah, UAE), and Malcolm Young who attained the PGA Fellow status.

Matthew Marsh (Skolkovo Golf Club, Russia) has been awarded the status of PGA Advanced Professional. Tristan Crew, Executive Director Member Services, commented: “It is good to see there is continuing interest in APAL with more and more international Members progressing their qualification status upwards to PGA Advanced and beyond.”

“These awards are made on the basis of achievements obtained since qualifying, thereby proving their progress as a PGA professional.
“In doing so they are not only meeting their career needs but also the needs of the golf clubs that employ them.”

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