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Coaching focus on senior golfers


Course Title: Coaching Focus on Senior Golfers
Start/End date: 12/12/2019
Level: All
Maximum Places: 16
Available Places: 4
Cost (Member): £42.00
Course Introduction: Modern golf culture is about the power of youth and focuses on strength and agility. At a time when young players set their goals on propelling the ball further, senior golfers face different challenges. Age, wear and tear and life in general increasingly lead to restricted movement and ability to hit the ball. The average age of golfers in the UK who play at least once a week has risen to 63 according to various marketing surveys. This confirms that the regular golfer is a senior player who has reached an age where, in the majority of cases, their physique is starting to present challenges. Standard teaching of the modern golf swing requires flexibility and strength well beyond the physical abilities of those who are now the majority of players. Young professionals will benefit from understanding the constraints faced by this important group of clients and how to adapt their teaching methods accordingly.
Course Content: Peter Dawson played in the Ryder Cup and World Cup and on both the European Tour and Senior European Tour. In his coaching career he has been International Coach for the Denmark, Switzerland, Morocco teams. He is a PGA Master Professional and one of Golf Monthly top 25 coaches and author of ‘NOW FOR THE BACK NINE’ a book aimed at the Senior Golfer (and anyone who may have had a bad back or stiff knees due to sporting injuries). Peter has a unique perspective from a senior standpoint and in these coaching sessions shares the creative solutions he has developed to extend a golfers’ enjoyment of the game and keep your clients coming back to you for advice and support. Peter’s aim is for delegates to gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced by senior golfers and learn how to adapt their coaching to offer creative solutions when the classic technique is no longer physically achievable.
Course Objectives: By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

• To highlight the challenges faced by senior golfers

• To show ways to adapt technique for specific areas of difficulty

• To advise ways of communicating to reach out to senior golfers

Required equipment: Pen and paper, outdoor clothing suitable for weather conditions, golf shoes and the following clubs – a driver, 6 iron and a wedge.
Venue information: PGA National Training Academy

The Belfry
Sutton Coldfield