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Teaching with Technology


Course Title: Teaching with Technology
Start/End date: 08/10/2019
CPD Points: 25
Maximum Places: 20
Available Places: 15
Cost (Member): £42.00
Course Introduction: Are you a golf coach looking to build a vibrant coaching business? Are you a golf coach considering investing in technology? Teaching with Technology. How to build a thriving coaching Business in the modern age? Aimed at the dedicated golf coach who would like to build a coaching business. Aimed at The Coach that is unsure on which technology to invest in. At this dynamic and interactive seminar you will learn how to use Launch monitors, pressure systems including Boditrak, 3D systems including K Motion and High Speed Video platforms such as V1 and will also have the opportunity to use it your selves. There will be live coaching through out the day with real students. You will learn how to deliver an engaging golf coaching session for any level of golfer from beginner to Professional player using technology. You will learn how technology can be seamlessly integrated into your coaching set up. You will learn the skills required to drive consumers to your facility for your services. You will learn if teaching with technology is for you and which piece of technology is best suited for you and your teaching business.
Course Content: • How to use launch monitors in Your Teaching. D-Plane and Ball Flight Laws
• How to use 3D motion capture in Your Teaching. Bend/Tilt, Side Bend, Rotations, Kinematic sequence, Peak speeds
• How to Use pressure in your Teaching. An introduction to Centre of Pressure and Centre of Mass
• How to use High Speed Video Analysis in your Coaching. How to create a social butterfly to promote your services.
• How to deliver Coaching sessions for ALL levels of player, beginner to elite, including examples of this
• How to monitor your technology and return on investment.
• How to build a high tech studio (in the real world).
• How to market yourself and your technology. Digital Marketing.
• What I’ve learned from teaching with technology? A Coaches view from the trenches.
• Busting some myths on teaching with technology. To much data?
Course Objectives: By the end of course, participants will be able to do/know: • An Understanding of how to use Launch Monitors / 2D Video / Pressure systems including Boditrak / 3D systems including k-motion and Myswing • How to deliver a first class golf coaching session using technology • How to drive players to you for your coaching services • How to Market your services • How to build programs to ensure repeat visits
Required equipment: Pen and paper, outdoor clothing suitable for weather conditions
Venue information: PGA National Training Academy
The Belfry
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands


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