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Gourlay fitting in nicely at new Swanston base


It was an idea Scott Gourlay came up with even before he set out on his path as a PGA Professional and now it has come to fruition, writes Martin Dempster.

The Scott Gourlay Golf Technology Tour Performance Fitting Studios are located at Swanston Golf Club on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Four-time European Tour winner Stephen Gallacher was one of the first people to try out the facility and gave it a thumbs up.

“We are the only facility in Scotland which bases everything by the club head and actually build it on site,” said Gourlay, who also has two similar facilities in the Netherlands.

“If you go on a tour van, a pro can walk on and get anything he’s looking for, so why can’t an amateur get the same service? We want to allow individuals to get a clubhead and shaft that works for them.

“We want to make it unique for an amateur because, at the end of the day, you don’t have a tour player without having amateurs in the game.”
Gourlay spent 14 years at another capital club, Craigmillar Park, before the expert club-fitter was offered the opportunity to see his dream come true at Swanston.

“I probably came up with the idea for a place like this when I was just 15 or 16!” he admitted. “When you’ve just got a concrete base, you stand there thinking, ‘how is this going to turn out?’ But I am delighted how it has worked.

“We’ve had Stephen Gallacher up recently and that’s great for PR. We also had (Challenge Tour card holder) Duncan Stewart here and (LET player) Vikki Laing, too.

“We’ve got people coming from the west, north and all over the place. We’ve just sent a set of clubs to a client in Poland.”

Gourlay has Scott Fraser and Gregor Thomas working with him at the moment on the club-fitting while Paula Lister is in charge of finance and marketing.

“If everything goes how it should, we will be looking to increase our staff,” said Gourlay, who is grateful to Swanston club captain Graeme Millar for his support in making the project happen.

“It’s vibrant up here. There is great enthusiasm between Graeme Millar, (club manager) Mike Robson and Alastair McClung, who owns the whole place.

“They only see the way forward rather than looking backwards, which is a total waste of time. This is a club that wants to go somewhere, which is great.”