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Become a social media video star!

Course Title: Social Media Video Workshop
Start/End date: 20/06/2019 – 20/06/2019
Level: Introductory
CPD Points: 25
Maximum Places: 40
Available Places: 40
Cost (Member): £42.00
Course Introduction: “Mobile phones are in your hand, and magic TV moments come and go – use your mobile to capture those moments and engage your audience.” Anna Brees To communicate with their audiences, organisations and individuals are realising that video is essential in getting their message across. The problem in the past has been it’s taken too much time and has cost too much money.
Course Content: In this one-day intensive course former ITV and BBC reporter Anna Brees will teach you how to create engaging TV and social media videos using your smartphone device. If you run your golf facility’s social media channel (or your own) or host an established YouTube channel (or want to) this practical course will help you improve and enhance your video offering. Anna will take you through the traditional television models such as the news package, interview soundbite, vox pop and live interview – with the focus on helping attendees choose the best video vehicle for their message. She believes great content, and storytelling via well-crafted video will get organic share and your message out to the people who you want to hear it. You will learn how to film, edit, report, add subtitles, music, sound effects, graphics, music and voiceover to video for both short-form videos for the newsfeed (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) and long-form videos for other platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
Course Objectives: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: • Know and understand the basics of filming and editing using the native camera app and KineMaster • Understand the importance of story-telling with short and long-form video • Know how to construct and present a piece to camera (looking at autocue/prompt apps) • Understand the equipment needed to produce professional looking video • Know how to use effective lighting, audio and stabilisation • Know where to find free to use music, video and images • Know how to write a script for video and add a voice-over • Discuss and understand the ideal durations for different platforms • Know how to add subtitles, graphics, transitions and music • Explain the differences between landscape, square and portrait video and which format is best for which platform Attendees need to bring their own mobile phone with KineMaster app installed.
Required equipment: Pen, paper and fully charged smart phone device. Attendees need to bring their own mobile phone with KineMaster app installed.
Venue information: PGA National Training Academy
Ping House
The Belfry
Lichfield Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands