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Using The PGA brand


With its heraldic design, the Association crest is a symbol of our heritage. It is the official designation of PGA Membership and as such it occupies a privileged position within the hierarchy of our brand.

We are very keen for qualified PGA Professionals to promote themselves as Members of the Association, and the use of The PGA crest, now a registered trademark, has been reserved for the exclusive use of PGA Members.

Use of The PGA Crest is for PGA Members only and should not be used by PGA Assistants. Members should make sure their name and the words ‘PGA Professional’ or ‘PGA Member’ or their APAL designation accompanies the crest in upper case and the crest does not appear on its own as a separate entity.

Every use of the crest must be accompanied by the trademark ownership line which must appear even if it is at the bottom of the page or on the back of a business card. It can be used in very small print, but it must be used in order to safeguard the trademark.

In print, the crest can be printed in PGA grey, gold, black, or white out of any of these colours. The typeface must not be changed. In all cases, the registered ® symbol must be included. The following trademark statement must appear on any material: ® The Crest is a registered trademark of The Professional Golfers’ Association Limited.

PGA Uniform

The Crest can be embroidered PGA gold, navy or tonal to match the item of clothing. PGA-crested clothing can now be purchased from Titleist, FootJoy, Galvin Green, Glenmuir or Sunderland – for ordering details.

PGA-crested clothing can now be purchased from Titleist, FootJoy, Galvin Green, Glenmuir or Sunderland.

Titleist and FootJoy
Order through or call 0800 363 672

Galvin Green
Contact 01932 503 330 or email

Glenmuir and Sunderland of Scotland
Contact or call
01555 662 241

PGA Blazer

Contact James Leaper at Slater Menswear on 0161 819 6680, ensuring that you have your correct measurements available. 


A PGA Members’ tie is available at a cost of £15 including postage and packing. Contact either your regional office or the Membership Department at PGA Headquarters on 01675 470 333 to purchase.

PGA Voucher Books

Gift or Lesson Voucher Books are available at £7 per book of 25. Send either a cheque to the Membership Department made payable to ‘PGA Ltd’ for the correct amount or, if you wish to pay by credit/debit card, please call 01675 470 333.

For more detailed information on how to use The PGA crest click here. Copies of the PGA Crest and Heart of Golf logos to help promote your value and proud association can be obtained by contacting the Membership Department on 01675 470 333 or