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Become more efficient and save money with Smarter Golf Energy


At Smarter Golf Energy (SGE), we know that running a golf course is an energy-rich and water-intensive undertaking. This means that golf courses have high utility bills, but it also means that they have the opportunity to implement energy- and water-saving measures to maximise efficiencies and bring their bills down.

This is where SGE comes in. The first step in our services for golf courses is conducting an energy audit, an assessment of the entire golf facility.

The benefits of an energy audit

The energy audit will guide the formation of an energy-savings plan for your golf course to help you achieve tailored efficiencies and implement relevant sustainability measures that will:

● Make your golf facility more efficient, profitable and playable
● Minimise environmental impact in the process

The energy audit process

The energy audit process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the entire golf facility. We’ll:

● Research your utility billing history
● Research your historical and current energy consumption data
● Find out about your energy needs

Our analysis covers the energy use of the following:

● The irrigation pumping system
● Water services
● Lighting systems and controls
● Heating and cooling systems
● Cart charging
● Kitchen components

The smart way to monitor your energy usage

Our unique energy analysis platform, Dataview, provides access to accurate energy consumption and cost data, both in real-time and in retrospect. This online energy management information allows us to identify energy cost-saving opportunities and efficiencies and improve your profitability as a result.

Using this information, we’ll help your golf course develop realistic energy savings goals. Best of all, you’ll be able to continue using our Dataview platform internally as an SGE customer.

Interested in an energy audit? Contact an SGE energy expert today by visiting