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Working with the yips CPD course


Course Title: Working with the Yips

Date: 24/4/2019

Cost (Member): £42

Venue: PGA National Training Academy, The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield


Course introduction

This CPD workshop is aimed at all PGA Professionals that coach or play and have an interest in the yips and the effects of anxiety and/or attentional effects on skilled movement. If you coach, you will know that the yips is a common phenomenon that can leave both student and coach feeling pretty helpless. With the right approach, most cases of the yips are very workable and can be alleviated quickly, saving the player years of struggle and frustration. The course will enable you to confidently deal with the yips using the methods and framework that have been tried and tested by PGA Professionals, Dr Noel Rousseau and Gordon Morrison MSc. It is their belief that movement dysfunction is not a black and white concept of ‘having’ or ‘not having’ the yips but that there is a continuum of optimal task focus. In that sense, you will be able to develop the skills of all your players by refining their cognitive strategies. The classroom session will highlight the theoretical and research based background to the issue along with broader areas of motor control. Primarily, this course is about working with the yips. However, through working in this area there will be broader learnings to be shared around the cognitive structures that underpin skilled movement.

Course content

This CPD day has been put together to help you understand the problem and deal with yips afflicted players more effectively. Moreover, from attending this course, you will gain a deeper insight into the role of the mind in skilled movement that will add further depth to your coaching in general. The yips is generally perceived as something that happens to an unfortunate few but research has shown that as many as 50% of golfers have experienced the yips in some form and as a coach, will no doubt, have worked with many students that exhibit involuntary movement. Have you ever referred your students to see a psychologist or hypnotherapist? While the debate amongst our colleagues continues as to whether the issue at hand is technical or psychological, we believe that the reality is that both play a significant role. This is why we, as coaches, are best equipped to help the player. Classroom sessions: This part of the day will provide an overview of the latest scientific research in relation to the yips. We then lead into the theoretical position that underpins our approach to coaching involuntary movement. Practical sessions: The afternoon sessions will share the tools/drills used in designing an effective coaching protocol for working with the yips.

Course objectives

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the current scientific position on the Yips
  • Be effective when coaching players with the Yips
  • Manage and improve anxiety derived movements in their own game
  • Have a deeper understanding of the cognitive function that underpins skilled movement.

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