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Social media – Follow your regional accounts


Social media is an engagement tool used by both individuals and organisations worldwide.

In April 2014, The PGA started to utilise TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to cascade news and share a wide variety of information from across the industry in an instant.

Almost five years on, The PGA has around 13,000 followers on Twitter, almost 3,500 people follow the Facebook account, and LinkedIn is also proving popular with more than 4,000 followers.

The PGA uses social media to promote and share news about the Association and its Members. It will continue to do this through the main channels above.

However, in a bid to create a clear channel to its Members, all messages and content aimed at PGA Professionals will now be fed through the regional social media accounts.


All Member communication on Facebook will be posted to the PGA in the Regions page –


All Member communication on Twitter will be posted through the seven regional Twitter accounts –

PGA North region –

PGA South region –

PGA East region –

PGA West region –

PGA Midland region –

PGA Scotland region –

PGA Ireland region –